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AAC Blocks Calculator Plain Wall

Choose Type Of Wall :- Plain Wall (OR) Wall with doors and windowss

Overall Length of wall( L ) in ft:
Height of wall in ft:
Wall thickness:
Number of Blocks : 0
Volume of Blocks : 0.00 cu.m
No of Jointing mortar bags(40kg/bag): 0.00
  • Note:
  • These are estimated calculations based on assumptions of working conditions.
  • Cement: sand assumed at 1:6 for mortar.
  • Please read technical specifications of Fusion Jointing Mortar.
  • Fusion Building Materials is no way responsible for any deviations or claims on above.
  • One 17 MT Truck contains load of 25 cu.m.
  • One 21 MT Truck contains load of 32 cu.m.