AAC Blocks Applications

Fusion AAC Blocks In the manufacture of clay bricks, the top soil is depleted and natural resources are eroded, resulting in ecological imbalances. But by utilizing fly ash which is the waste material generated by thermal power stations, we will be saving the natural resources on one hand and putting the industrial waste into productive […]

AAC Blocks VS Clay | Red Bricks

No. Parameter AAC Block(Fusion Blocks)  Clay | Red Bricks 1 Size (mm) 600 * 200 * 100 – 300 230 * 115 * 75 2 Precision in size Variation (+ /-) 1 mm Variation 5 – 15 mm(+/-) 3 Compressive Strength 3.5–5N/mm2(As per IS.:2185), Part-3, Grade-|| 2.5-3.5 N/mm2 4 Dry Density 550-650 kg/m3 (Oven dry) […]

AAC Blocks Manufacturing Flow Process Chart

AAC also known as Autoclaved Aerated concrete.  It is a lightweight concrete. AAC Blocks has been widely using across the world. AAC Blocks are made by mixing Portland cement, lime, fly ash, water, and aluminum powder the final mixture is poured into a moulds. The reaction between aluminum and lime causes microscopic hydrogen bubbles to […]