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Fusion Plastering Mortar is a plastering adhesive for most of all AAC Blocks, CLC Blocks, which gives good bonding. This Plastering Mortar is suitable for plastering different substrates as AAC blocks, CLC blocks and cement bricks.


Fusion Plastering Mortar is formulated cementitious grout, which is non-shrink and free-flowing, making it ideal for AAC Blocks.

  • Base: Cement with polymer powder & water retaining Special additive
  • Pot Life : Approximately 90 minutes @ 30oC
  • Water Demand: 18-20%
  • Compressive Strength (Mpa):> 4 in 28 days
  • Bulk density:1.2 to 1.4 kg/lit
  • Coverage:0.16 – 0.22 kg/sft/mm
  • The thickness of layer:6 – 12 mm

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