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People believe that choosing the best and costly paint with all bells and wishtles is enough to get that glowing compliment from your neighbor and relatives. However, it is far from truth. With paint, you also need wall putty. Often ignored by clients and builders alike, wall putty or wall care putty plays a significant role in determining the final paint finish – regal looking or blotchy. Painters commonly apply wall putty before final paint application to extend the life of the paint.

Use of good quality wall putty can get you abundant admiration. Proper application of wall putty can result in flawless wall-painting finish. When applied appropriately, wall putty helps in filling the cracks, imperefections and any other identations present on the wall surface.

A product of Fusion Block, Fusion Wall Putty is a white cement-based putty. It bonds strongly with base surface and can be used both on dry and damp walls. Painters can apply Fusion Wall Putty to create a smooth and undulation-free surface on both interior and exterior walls to get that royal look. Use of Fusion Wall Putty can help in increasing the life of the wall by making it flake, abrasion, and water resistant.


  • Base: White cement, Quality polymers & specialty chemicals and fillers.
  • Pot Life : 2hrs.
  • Water Demand : 40 – 45%
  • Coverage : 25 ± 3 sftmmkg..
  • Thickness of layer : ≤ 2.0 mm (two coats).

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